The Well-Mannered Dog Center Class Descriptions

Puppy Play

Eight meetings for puppies to interact and play. Owners create a circle and allow free play while overseeing proper play manners and practicing the come and sit. The foundation 'yes' exercise will be taught. We also teach owners how to handle their puppies so that they allow examinations of their feet, ears, and teeth. This class is for puppies up to 5 months old and must have completed their full set of puppy shots and a bordatella vaccine. We understand that the Rabies vaccination may not have been given yet.

Kindergarten Puppy

For puppies under 6 months of age and focuses on forming good habits. It includes learning to walk on lead, come when called, and basic stay commands for sit, stand, and down. We also teach owners how to handle their puppies so that they allow examinations of their feet, ears, and teeth.

Positive Puppy

Using positive methods, we will teach you to train your dog in beginning heeling, and basic stay commands for sit, stand, down, stay, and reliable recall commands. This class is for puppies older than 6 months.

Beginning Obedience Training Class

In this class we will teach you to train your dog beginning heeling, and basic stay commands for sit, stand, and down. We will also cover reliable recall commands. This class is for dogs older than 12 months.

Rally Obedience Training for Competition

This class covers the exercises needed to participate in Rally Obedience Competitions. Beginning obedience training or equivalent is a prerequisite.

Advanced Obedience/CGC Canine Good Citizenship/Preparation for Competition

This class will polish your heeling skills and more advanced commands for sit, stand, down, and stay. Also, advanced off lead recall and stay commands will be taught. We will incorporate more off lead heeling and prepare you for the Canine Good Citizenship test. This test will be given on the last night of class. This class is for dogs older than 6 months. Prerequisite Beginning Obedience or equivalent.

Conformation Puppy Class

This class will aid in socializing your young dog and teaching them to walk on lead. We will help them to not be frightened of new or different situations, to not shy away from the judge, and to allow the judge to examine and look into its mouth. The handler will be taught how to properly stack, gait, and present their dog to a judge. For dogs up to 6 months old.

Conformation Show Class

This class is for the purebred dog enthusiast. Whether you have never exhibited a dog or have years of experience showing dogs and just need to get your next champion prospect ready, this class will give you professional feedback and handling tips that you can utilize at your next dog show. This class is for dogs over 6 months of age.

Introduction to Agility Just for Fun

This class trains the handler/dog team on the contact obstacles used in the Agility sport. This is a good confidence builder for both dog and handler. This includes the jumps, tunnels, the shoot, table, and the tire as well. We call this class "low and slow" meaning the obstacles are lower and the focus is on safety. You don't have to be interested in competition – you just need to want to have fun. Dogs will be mostly handled on lead but all handlers must be able to control their dog.

Agility Just for Fun

Handling skills and the ability to run a full course is the expectation of this class. Weave poles are introduced. Those completing this class may be certified by our trainer to use the arena and equipment for open floor – Agility Just for Fun sessions.

Beginning Agility

This class provides a positive approach to agility training for competition. Control and accuracy will be emphasized while introducing you and your dog to AKC and International Style obstacles.

Advanced Beginning Agility

A continuation of the Beginner's class and geared to competition with added emphasis on basic handling skills and timing. The weave poles and teeter-totter will also be taught in this session. Prerequisite Beginners Agility class or approval by the instructor.

Intermediate Agility

For those who are beginning to compete, this class will build speed while maintaining control and accuracy.

Advanced Handling

This class is for those competing at the higher Advanced or Masters levels. This class is also for handlers who want to continue developing their competition skill or who want to develop new skills.

Focus Classes

Watch for the Focus Classes to change often. They are 4 week classes that focus on anything from a reliable come, weave poles, and the 'go out' for obedience competition

Introduction to Nosework

In this session, we will introduce you to basics of Nosework using your dog's natural scenting abilities. This class is open to all dogs, young and old alike, and is a great way for your dog to get mental and physical exercise, build confidence, and have fun. Great for playing 'hide and seek' and a good foundation step for Search and Rescue work.

Introduction to Odor

This class will introduce the dog to odor by going back to basics and pairing Birch oil with the dogs reward. We will do box searches, interior, exterior, and vehicle searches. The final night of class will be a Mock Odor Recognition Test. Prerequisite: Introduction to Nosework.

Beginning Freestyle

Often called 'Dancing with Dogs' because you combine tricks and basic obedience to form a musical routine you and your dog perform together. This is a fun class to learn foundation moves and how to add music to put it all together. By the end of this class you and your dog will have a Freestyle routine to perform.

Intermediate Freestyle

Some experience in Freestyle and basic obedience skills are required. This class will include more advanced moves plus a focus on choreography, transitions, distance work, and your current routine.